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Who is Laurent Bertrel? Tours - Training in english

My name is Laurent Bertrel, I am french, I live in Tours and I am a coach (mental trainer), trainer and author (books, CD, DVD, games, on line training tutorial).

As to my business background, I became a teacher for a French franchise in 1991. After 6 years being responsible for staff and department formation I specialized in supplementary mental training - coaching for firms and sports people.
I have been coaching and teaching since 2001.
In 2002, I founded my own company.

I am:

  • NLP master (certified by the IFPNL in 2000/2001 and from the International Association of NLP Institutes in 2014)
  • NLP coach (certified by the IFPNL in 2001) & NLP master coach (certified by the International Association of Coaching Institutes in 2014)
  • sophrologue (certified by Maitrise & formation in 2002),
  • relaxologue (certified by the International Federation of Relaxologie in 2014),
  • sexo-relaxologue (certified by the International Federation of Relaxologie in 2015),
  • indirect Ericksonian Hypnosis practitioner (certified by the New York Training Institut of NLP in 2002),
  • Reiki master (certified by Reiner Master in 2009),
  • Aikido (until 2012) and Iaido trainer,
  • Qi Gong instructor (certified by Taso Master in 2013),
  • trained in conflict negotiation (2011),
  • I've as well a background in sports education (BEES first degree Tronc commun : French state certificate - 1994) and education (Master 2 - Educational Sciences - 2007),
  • creator of my own method: Freeway -2012).

With regard to sports, I have been cycling and marathon running competitively for over 10 years. A very nice education…



Martial arts experiences

Judo, Taekwondo, Aikido
I have mastered the art of Aikido since 1992 and until 2012 with Iaido, Jodo, Hapkido, Tantojutsu...
I started this practice back in 1992 after having tried out Judo (3 years) and Taekwondo (1 year) for a short period. I was originally attracted to Aikido for its “martial art” aspect, and resumed practice for the aesthetic appeal and physical conditioning advantages, such as relaxation and self-control. Today, I am driven by its philosophy (anti-violent, anti-resistance) which has led me to self-liberation.
As for my training, I have studied in many Ryu (martial art academies) in both France and Germany.

I started this practice shortly after having achieved my Aikido black belt in 1998 in order to perfect my dominance over Aikido weapons.

Qi Gong
I‘m learning Qi Gong since I began Aikido but it‘s more intensive since 2011 (I'm also Qi Gong instructor).

3. Dan Iaido, 3. Dan Aikido, 2. Dan Jodo, 1. Dan Hapkido.

I was a member of the Deutsches Dan Kollegium (Germany) and of the Comité National de Kendo (ZNKR - CNK France).


A little more about myself

My search for new experiences drove me to Santiago de Compostella, Spain in the summer of 2002 to make the Pilgrimage (Rome and Fatima too).
Some wonderful memories… 

My expertise is based on my experiences in the martial arts, my professional life, sports accompaniment, learning methods (NLP, coaching, sophrology, hypnosis, Reiki...) and undergo psychotherapy and psychoanalysis (5 years 1/2).


  • "A really positive experience."
    Steve & Christine // Freeway Aktiv & Relax
  • "Danke, liebe Jane, für die tollen Stunden, für deine Unterstützung & die Herausforderungen..."
    Andrea // Freeway Yoga
  • "Ein toller Lehrer und Mensch mit tiefen Einblicken in einige verschiedene Kampfkunstarten, die er effektiv an andere weiter gibt!"
    Josip // Iaido & Aikido
  • "Danke an Laurent für die letzten Jahre super lehrreiches Training mit viel Spaß und Herz."
    Denis // Iaido
  • "Jane! Jane! Jane! Wir sind FAN!!!"
    Helena // Freeway Yoga
  • "Merci encore mille fois Laurent pour ces séances anti-stress !!!"
    Florence // Freeway Relax
  • "This was a great training... Thanks a lot and see you soon."
    Isa // Freeway Yoga
  • "Laurent is an excellent instructor - welcoming, patient, witty and motivating."
    Wayne // Freeway Aktiv