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Freeway® Tours | Martial art and life coaching in English

Train Freeway in Tours - Relaxation & martial art


What is the Freeway?

"If you only do what you always did you can only get what you always had. With Freeway you'll discover then if you don't like what you have you have the power to change. The way of Freeway is to be your dream."

Logo FreewayFreeway combines both a method of personal development and a martial art created by Laurent Bertrel in 2012. After 25 years of training, studying and researching, Laurent has chosen to develop this evolving method bringing together elements from different paths that he has taken and from which he has retained the essential parts.

The special thing about Freeway is that it is not an "off the peg" method because no method suits everyone in the same way that everyone cannot wear the same clothing. 
That is why we are offering a collection of techniques which will help to bring you autonomy and which can be tailored to suit your own unique measurements. 
Freeway is a really creative step and in it you will find the necessary tools to free yourself from the useless aspects of your life and to help you in searching for your own path so that you can finally become your dream.



Freeway Relax, Activ or Mix?

Discover in a few words what is the difference between Freeway Relax and Activ:

  • FW Relax use some techniques like Qi Gong, Reiki, Sophrology, Hypnosis, NLP. The way is to learn how to manage your stress and to work with your own energy.
  • FW Activ use some techniques like Aikido, Hapkido and NLP. The way is to learn to avoid conflicts and, if you have no other options, to learn how to defendyourself.
  • FW Mix is a mix of both and use coaching to help you on the best way. 


What are the aims of Freeway?

The main aims are:

  • To maintain health
  • Best manage challenging situations and conflicts
  • Personal development
  • To construct your own life philosophy - your own path

 Freeway therefore has application in these areas:

  • Health (at the physical, mental and emotional levels)
  • Teaching (mainly at the level of communication)
  • Sport (mental preparation, stress management)
  • Administrative organisations (communication, management of stress and conflicts)

 The principal aim of Freeway is to help you find your own path with the aim of finding self-fulfilment and happiness. 

It should be noted that Freeway is not psychotherapy nor is it a combat sport (there are no competitions). It is also not a method geared only towards self defence. Learning to defend yourself and to face conflict situations is not the only objective of Freeway. 


What is the philosophy of Freeway?

This is mainly inspired by the spirit of coaching and of certain martial arts, the main approach is guided by the following assumptions: 

  1. Good communication: The way that we communicate with ourselves and with others determines what we get back in our life. With reference to the ideas of positive thinking it could be said that we generally "reap what we sow".
  2. Access to resources: We have in ourselves the essential resources to effect changes, to bloom, develop our potential and be fulfilled. Thus conflicts and difficulties in adaptation are only the visible part of the iceberg. By shedding light on to the submerged part, we can access these resources which we can use to determine our own future rather than having it determined by a stranger who lives in our place. We will therefore find in ourselves the answers to our questions and use these resources to find the most relevant solutions for our problems. Together we will push back the frontiers to open a wider field of possibilities. We will no longer be limited to our present life. We will progress on the road to freedom to become our dream and no longer be just the dream of another. The saying to be "architect of ones life" here is very relevant.
  3. Practice non violence: It is useless to respond to violence with more violence. Freeway therefore opts for non violence and non resistance both at the physical and mental level. The meaning of our martial work is therefore to learn to not be aggressive ourselves. But as aggression is always possible, we will also learn self defence in accordance with the principle of legitimate self defence. The general principle is based on using the energy of the aggressor to best manage situations.
  4. Have a good state of spirituality: The practitioner of freeway is not a consumer who changes from one fashionable method to another according to the weather or just to flatter ones ego. On the contrary they are on the quest for identity and autonomy. In practice they will be asked to leave the path of least resistance to go in the direction of a healthy spirit in a healthy body and in sense to become a free spirit capable of living their life fully. 



Who can do Freeway?

Men, women, children, healthy or not, Freeway is open to everyone without selection criteria starting from the moment where they begin to harmonise with our philosophy. It is necessary therefore just to be open to change, and to an improvement in the quality of life (private and professional).

Of course business life is not forgotten. In fact we already apply these principles for businesses who care about the well being (management of stress conflicts communication) and of the evolution (adapting to change) of their employees.
Certain aspects come from martial art principles, i.e. a spiritual approach- idea of combat (and techniques of self defence)- physical development-flexibility- mental (relaxation, concentration, meditation) and energy (increasing energy levels and health capital). Other aspects come from the field of personal development and coaching - realising potential, managing stress and emotions, self confidence, interpersonal communication (with others) and intrapersonal communication (with ourselves).
It is also worth noting that if the personal development part is to be suitable for everyone then the martial aspect has to be directed towards those who want to master a minimum of difficult situations.
It is therefore not a method addressed directly to security professionals (security agents, police, military) but a discipline aimed at every man and woman.
We will not be aiming to create super-people (the invincible person does not exist in any case) but simply to give everyone the tools to help themselves in the greatest number of possible situations.
It is possible to focus on one or another theme in sessions or individual lessons.
In case of doubt about the state of your health to practice Freeway then you should speak with your doctor. 

What happens in a typical session?

Freeway is more of an exchange than a course. Since Freeway is not a sport or a leisure activity the sole aim is not to move and enjoy yourself. But be assured that you will in any case move around and have fun. That is however not the ultimate aim. You come to follow the path to your freedom. The idea is to experiment with the techniques rather than just to learn them. In time these experiences will illuminate our path. But as it is about your path and your freedom you will be encouraged to develop your creativity with the aim of creating your own freeway, i.e. that which suits you best and will stay with you for the rest of your life. In order to do this a guide is simply there to put you in the best possible position. There can be no guarantee of results but only that the means will be made available to you.

In more detail, a session passes though different phases which will give a rhythm to the practice:

  • Preparation
  • Techniques : relaxation (physical, mental and emotional letting go), breathing, visualisation, concentration, meditation, energy work, self defence, self-massage
  • Calming
  • Exchange and leaving

 It should be noted that the work does not finish at the end of the session and you will often leave with exercises to carry out your professional and personal daily life.

Some group sessions are more oriented towards personal development and some towards the martial aspect. Personal work (without martial techniques for example) is possible within the framework of the special lessons and individual sessions.  Theoretical support (given at the time of the special lessons) is equally supplied corresponding to the needs of each participant and for example:

  • What is good health awareness in life
  • How best to manage stress
  • What are the rules of a good interpersonal communication
  • How to avoid conflicts (these theoretical supports are only in French at the moment).

 It is possible to participate in several sessions of Freeway in Tours (in groups/alone or in a special lesson).

Group sessions: sessions will be proposed according to themes, personal development or martial art. 
Individual session: an individual session can be carried out according to your aim (personal development or martial art). 


Competition and grades

Freeway does not involve competitions or any system of graduations, e.g. coloured belt systems/Dan, like martial arts. 

There are two levels of practice at the moment:

  • Practitioner
  • Initiator

 and two levels of transmission:

  • Instructor
  • Guide



The clothing comprises a blue judo type suit without belt and a grey t-shirt and a pair of Japanese style socks . Of course at the beginning it is possible to practice in sports clothes (T-shirt/ track suit bottoms).

Note that other more customary clothing will also be selected for exercises carried out outside our normal practice place (see practice place). 


Material used

There is no specific material apart from weapons used for martial practice:

  • Short sticks, middle length sticks and long sticks
  • Knife and pistol (plastic) 

Sometimes a gym/yoga mat and a cover for the relaxation sessions
The use of judo mats can be useful for making dynamic exercises safe but is not essential. 


Who is the creator of Freeway?

Born in Tours on 29th January 1969, Laurent Bertrel is the author of more then 20 publications (books CD DVD e-learning and e-coaching), educator, coach and a martial arts teacher.

Married to a Münchnerin he lives in Tours and speaks French, English and German. 


What is the cost and what is the planing?

  • Individual session in English in Tours: 55€ for a one hour session.
  • Group session in Tours Be your dream Studio: 35€ per month (no inscription for now).
  • Special Saturday or Sunday session: starting from 15 euros (price varies according to number of hours). 


Where to practice in Tours?

Our studio offers individual sessions allowing you to work more efficiently on a particular topic (stress management, communication…).

To attend your first individual session, please contact Laurent per email before to come at Be you dream Studio - Tours.



What is a Freeway Guide?

The guide is someone who leads the session.

They are both coach and teacher and their aim is to permit you to become autonomous as quickly as possible.

The guide will help you to find the necessary resources to reach your goal.
They can for example help you prepare mentally with a view to a specific change or to manage emotional reactions, develop confidence in your self and your communication with others.

The trainer will suggest the teaching of new reactions, reflexes and habits. They can for example give you the chance to learn to better manage stress or conflicts, to better communicate or to learn breathing techniques or self defence.

But they are not a counsellor or psychiatrist who treat a trauma and/or a deep personality or behavioural disorder 
However they could propose sessions of psychotherapy or a psychoanalysis to work through a painful issue coming to light during a session. In effect this issue is to be treated in the framework of a specific work with the aim of continuing on the road to liberty
As the guide is not a professional psychiatrist he does not offer any diagnoses but proposes a referral to an appropriate person. If the Freeway guide is a professional psychiatrist they will prefer to pass the matter to a colleague. 



Is it possible to teach Freeway?

Yes like all methods it is possible to teach Freeway. But more that the techniques, it is especially the spirit and philosophy of Freeway that will be passed on. A spirit of cooperation, respect (for yourself for others and for the environment), positivity, empathy, discipline, will-power, joy of life, fun, creativity, mastery of yourself, courage and consistency.

Becoming a Freeway guide involves not just learning the techniques but also involves intense successful personal work.  Learning can be done by distance learning and/or in the framework of seminars and group, individual sessions. As we are different the duration of this training can vary from one person to the next. The progression is as follows (the times indicated are for guidance and non binding since each case is different):

  • Student: from the first lesson.
  • Assistant: after a year of regular practice- this level allows leading of simple lessons and to assist the instructor or guide.
  • Instructor: starting from two years of regular practice- this level allows teaching at a Freeway site. 
  • Guide: direct with Laurent Bertrel - this level allows opening of an autonomous school.


  • "A really positive experience."
    Steve & Christine // Freeway Aktiv & Relax
  • "Danke, liebe Jane, für die tollen Stunden, für deine Unterstützung & die Herausforderungen..."
    Andrea // Freeway Yoga
  • "Ein toller Lehrer und Mensch mit tiefen Einblicken in einige verschiedene Kampfkunstarten, die er effektiv an andere weiter gibt!"
    Josip // Iaido & Aikido
  • "Danke an Laurent für die letzten Jahre super lehrreiches Training mit viel Spaß und Herz."
    Denis // Iaido
  • "Jane! Jane! Jane! Wir sind FAN!!!"
    Helena // Freeway Yoga
  • "Merci encore mille fois Laurent pour ces séances anti-stress !!!"
    Florence // Freeway Relax
  • "This was a great training... Thanks a lot and see you soon."
    Isa // Freeway Yoga
  • "Laurent is an excellent instructor - welcoming, patient, witty and motivating."
    Wayne // Freeway Aktiv