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Tours Coaching Center | Session in English

Coaching & coach - Tours

What is coaching?

Coaching is to accompany the emergence and development of the potential and know-how of individuals in a company, in high-level sports or in one's personal life.


What is a coach?

Like Laurent Bertrel, coach in Tours, it isn't a trainer who transmits tools or methods or an adviser who brings expertise nor is it a psychotherapist. 

It is an adaptability facilitator and a teacher of autonomy (accompanies the coachee so that he finds the inner resources to reach his objectives by himself).

He is successively : 

  • guide (he creates an environment in which the coachee feels secure and a work frame),
  • trainer (he encourages and stimulates),
  • teacher. (he teaches how to learn),
  • mentor (he is a model),
  • sponsor (he acknowledges the worth of a person at identity level and enables the expression of this potential),
  • awaker (he awakes the person, through his benevolent presence, to the freedom to be oneself).


Who is concerned?

Coaching focused on the person:

Anyone who wants to :

  • evolve and mature,
  • develop one's potential and one's performances,
  • make the necessary changes in order to reach a higher level of well-being and/or a desired evolution (stress, time, emotional  management, relational conflicts, ability to speak in public, self trust...).

Coaching focused on the situation:

Recommended for adaptation to change (new products, restructuring...), team cohesion (integration of a new member...), the success of a project, crisis situations, managerial conflicts...


The philosophy

Two hypothesis guide and lead the coaching process :

  • The way we communicate with ourselves and with others determines all what we achieve in our life.
  • Everyone has the inner resources required to make the changes one needs in order to blossom, develop one's potential  and fulfil oneself.

Unfortunately these resources are not always within our reach since they often are buried in our unconscious. The coaching enables these resources and abilities to flow back to the conscious. 

It also allows to acquire other resources (learnings, knowledge...) and aims at releasing our potential, pushing boundaries away and making ourselves autonomous. The " ordinary " man exploiting only a tiny part of his brain's potential, the advantage belongs to whom has a different mental control...

Coaching and the coach's deontology

  • Bound to professional secret.
  • Account may be given to the hierarchy but only within the limits established by the coachee.
  • It is forbidden to exert any kind of influence abuse.
  • Obligation of means (create the ideal conditions), but not of results (it is the coachee's responsibility).
  • Clarity on the methods utilized.
  • Refusal of a mission is possible if the coach doesn't succeed in validating the coachee's request.
  • The coach must be supervised by his peers.


How to find an English speaker coach in Tours?

Laurent Bertrel is French but speak English and can coach you into his Freeway Studio (Tours - France).

Laurent is as well an author (book, CD's and DVD's) and a specialist of communication (NLP) et stress management. He created as well his own method, the Freeway.

If you're looking for a coach into the center of Tours, just contact him!


Freeway - Activ Coaching:



  • "A really positive experience."
    Steve & Christine // Freeway Aktiv & Relax
  • "Danke, liebe Jane, für die tollen Stunden, für deine Unterstützung & die Herausforderungen..."
    Andrea // Freeway Yoga
  • "Ein toller Lehrer und Mensch mit tiefen Einblicken in einige verschiedene Kampfkunstarten, die er effektiv an andere weiter gibt!"
    Josip // Iaido & Aikido
  • "Danke an Laurent für die letzten Jahre super lehrreiches Training mit viel Spaß und Herz."
    Denis // Iaido
  • "Jane! Jane! Jane! Wir sind FAN!!!"
    Helena // Freeway Yoga
  • "Merci encore mille fois Laurent pour ces séances anti-stress !!!"
    Florence // Freeway Relax
  • "This was a great training... Thanks a lot and see you soon."
    Isa // Freeway Yoga
  • "Laurent is an excellent instructor - welcoming, patient, witty and motivating."
    Wayne // Freeway Aktiv