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What is Ericksonian hypnosis?

Ericksonian hypnosis in Tours

It is a " philosophy of action " based on the belief in the ability of the human being to develop the solutions he needs.
3 main fields :

  • hypnosis : which uses modified states of consciousness to lead to a change in health or human evolution.
  • Conversational hypnosis or hypnosis without hypnosis : uses the tools of hypnosis, without any formal induction, in what could be called a simple " conversation ". It is commonly used in state-of-the-art communication : Coaching, teacher-training...
  • Ericksonian communication : also uses the tools of hypnosis (but without modified state of consciousness) as well as other tools making this third aspect the most " strategic ". Extremely flexible, it leads to amazing results in therapy, coaching, education, management, negotiation...


A little history...

Hypnosis is the first change technique in human history since there is written evidence of its existence more than 3 thousand years ago (Egyptian tombstone of Musès). This universal phenomenon was christened : " Hypnosis " by J. Braid in 1841. After a very dirigiste period, his practising is transformed by a newcomer namely the American psychotherapist : Milton Erickson. A far cry from music-hall hypnosis, an authoritarian and manipulatory mockery, Erickson introduced a philosophy of action leading to results that would have been impossible to achieve through more traditional methods, both towards others and oneself. Erickson was dyslexic, colour-blind, had difficulties at recognizing sounds and underwent two attacks of polyo myelitis. He definitely knewwhat learning and re-learning mean. His techniques stem from his own successes.


Heal firts

The first goal is to recover one's health (either psychological, psychosomatical or physiological),  since one can only build on solid foundations.


Then grow up 

The second goal is to improve the quality of life and communication and to evolve, humanly speaking…


The unconscious

It stocks remembrances, experiences and profoundly influences one's behaviour. It is perceived, acknowledged and used as a " great loft of resources ", both positive and unique. We have known for years that hypnosis is an extremely powerful method to communicate with the unconscious. Indeed, in a hypnotic state, the latter is a lot more receptive to suggestions i.e. ideas being proposed to it so that an action be envisaged.


Is the hypnotic state natural, normal?

Yes. It is a natural and ordinary state that everyone uses each day. Actually, during the day we go through different states of hypnotic consciousness (we fall asleep, we wake up...). It even seems that it is useful and necessary to ensure our mental balance is maintained. It is Erickson's " common everyday trance ", which appears when we run away from the present, when we are " in a dream ", absorbed in a novel or a movie, sometimes even while we are driving... As we all have this natural ability, we can all enjoy the benefits of Ericksonian hypnosis.


Is there a risk in using Ericksonian hypnosis?

It has to be emphasized that it is based on profound respect of the person, otherwise it would be impracticable. As such, as a phenomenon, it is perfectly harmless. But if it were inefficient, you would run no risk at all. Every acting tool can be used " properly " or " badly " and thus be favourable or unfavourable to the person. So don't put your unconscious into anybody's hands.


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    Steve & Christine // Freeway Aktiv & Relax
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    Andrea // Freeway Yoga
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    Josip // Iaido & Aikido
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