What is NLP - Neuro-Lingüistic Programming ?

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NLP is thus a methodology enabling to act on behaviours using languageas a tool. It is a model which generates communication, learning and change.


A little history

NLP was born in the mid 70's in California.
Its creators, J.Grinder (lingüist and psychologist) and R.Bandler (psychologist, mathematician and computer scientist) study, among
other subjects, the work of experts widely acclaimed for the quality of their results (Erickson, Perls, Satir).
They identify the strategies behind their success and create techniques to decipher these highly efficient know-hows. They thus perfected a series of models to transfer these skills into ourselves and to others.


The philosophy behind NLP

Some basic postulates :


Modelize excellence

Modelization allows to establish a very precise map of a skill and then transfer it to somebody who wants to acquire it, while identifying the smaller changes to be made.
Thus has NLP enabled the deciphering of the communication " gurus" intuition.


Loads of practical applications

You are looking for :

From a professional standpoint, NLP is useful for those who have a job in which communication and change are of great significance.
From a personal standpoint, it is useful to whomever wants to improve his relationship with himself and towards others, develop his expression abilities and release himself from the blocks which are slowing down his evolution. Concrete and particularly efficient means Solution-oriented rather than problem-oriented, the common denominator of all these techniques is their efficiency. There is nothing surprising about it, since it is for this very reason that the persons who used them
served as models!


In short

The ultimate goal of NLP is to enable eachone of us to blossom and fulfil oneself, in one's professional as well as personal life, while respecting oneself and others.