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What is sophrology?

Sophrology Tours

This humanistic approach which studies human consciousness is a practical restructuring method  based on corporal as well as mental relaxation techniques.
Its essential aim is inner blossoming and the positive transformation of one's existence.
It is based on the postulate that body and mind are one.

  • SOS: harmony
  • PHREN: spirit
  • LOGOS: science

Science of the consciousness harmony.



Birth of sophrology

The word sophrology was created in 1960 by a Colombian neuropsychiatrist, A. Caycedo.
Outraged by the use of certain therapeutical techniques he considers inhuman (electroshock...), he envisages other means such as clinical hypnosis and phaenomenology.
Then he travels to India where he studies yogic techniques for two years, meets Tibetan monks and ends his journey in Japan where he becomes inititated to Zen.
From these trips stemmed this new science of consciousness opened to non-medical professions by Caycedo in 1977.


Sophrology covers 3 fields:

  • Therapy
  • Education and prevention
  • Behavioural.


Different applications

Sophrology offers training techniques enabling us to reduce our internal tensions and open an inner availability suitable to our lives.


Development of the person's potential

  • Management of emotional expressions, psychosomatical symptoms, stress (profession, exams, sport, birth, illness...)
  • Development of creativity, concentration, memory, intelectual tonicity, learning capacity, of the presence state : " here and now "
  • Opening and development of the consciousness
  • Dynamizing the vital potential
  • Optimizing sexual communication…


For whom?

Sophrology is, above all, a process seeking the person's autonomy.
All potentials of the person are taken into account : 


Its applications cover a wide spectrum of sectors e.g healthcare, education, sports, companies, both in group and individual sessions.





  • "A really positive experience."
    Steve & Christine // Freeway Aktiv & Relax
  • "Danke, liebe Jane, für die tollen Stunden, für deine Unterstützung & die Herausforderungen..."
    Andrea // Freeway Yoga
  • "Ein toller Lehrer und Mensch mit tiefen Einblicken in einige verschiedene Kampfkunstarten, die er effektiv an andere weiter gibt!"
    Josip // Iaido & Aikido
  • "Danke an Laurent für die letzten Jahre super lehrreiches Training mit viel Spaß und Herz."
    Denis // Iaido
  • "Jane! Jane! Jane! Wir sind FAN!!!"
    Helena // Freeway Yoga
  • "Merci encore mille fois Laurent pour ces séances anti-stress !!!"
    Florence // Freeway Relax
  • "This was a great training... Thanks a lot and see you soon."
    Isa // Freeway Yoga
  • "Laurent is an excellent instructor - welcoming, patient, witty and motivating."
    Wayne // Freeway Aktiv